Privacy Policy

Here at EssayService, we respect your privacy and guarantee the safety of the information you entrust with us. We guarantee that all the information provided by you, the customer, will under no circumstances be shared with any third parties. All data is stored for non-commercial use to ensure customers with quality service and support.

All the personal information that you provide to us is only collected to improve your experience here at EssayService. We assure you that your information will never be misused in any way by any third party.

About Cookies

We will collect cookies occasionally for a single purpose. That is to further optimize and customize the web page contents based on your preferences. The nature of these cookies can be but is not limited to your computer’s browser type, IP address, or any other anonymous information.

Cookies can never identify the user themselves, so rest assured there is no chance of your identity getting leaked. Cookies are only used to identify your computer. It helps us understand your choices to further enhance your experience.

The cookies that will be used will record which service on our website you have been looking at, and the time spent. If you do not want to share your cookies, don’t worry. You hold the power in whether or not we’re allowed to collect cookies.

New customers will get a prompt the first time they visit the website. This prompt asks for permission to collect cookies to enhance your experience. If at the time you don’t feel that you don’t want to share your cookies with us, you can select the “Reject” option.

Please note, that if you choose to block the cookies completely, some personalized service cannot be provided to you. So, those certain services will become unavailable to you in such a case.

Use of Optional Information

When you decide to seek our services, you might be asked to provide some personal information. This information is to be used only for providing you with a service. Such service may include promotional offers, replying to your questions, or solving a reported problem.

We collect your personal information when you sign up with EssayService. When you reach out to us with any problem or report an issue, your personal information will be used to make reaching out even simpler.

One of the main reasons behind collecting your personal information is the streamlining of many functions. A good example would be the payment. If you have already signed up, we have your personal information. Using that we can get you straight to payment without having you enter all of those details again.

Please be assured that your personal information will never be used for any other purpose. We will never share, rent or sell your information to any third party. However, we will use the demographic information provided to us for our market research purpose only.

If we do feel the need to use your personal information to make any changes, please be rest assured that you will be informed of it. For any kind of changes on this topic, those will also be made available in the Privacy Policy.

If you are concerned with the specifics of the policy and wish to stay informed, you can check on this page. Please bear in mind that if any use of your information is warranted and changes to the policy are made, such information will only be used only after the changes have been implemented.


As stated before, we take the security of your information seriously. So, we have top-of-the-line security measures in place to protect against the misuse or theft of your information.

In order to give you specific information, the website will link you to local, state, and federal government agencies, and the websites of any other organization. We do not endorse any of the content on these websites.

Once you link to another website, you will be subject to the terms and conditions of that website. You will also have to comply with the privacy policy that they have just like on any other website.

In accordance with our policy, EssayService will never make any of the information of any customers open to the public. This information can’t also be used in any legal proceedings without the consent of the customer or EssayService.

Since we are always trying to improve our services in new and improved ways, we might make alterations to the privacy policy from time to time. But if we decide to do so, you, the customer, shall be informed of any and all changes.

For any kind of change made to our Privacy Policy, we will relay those changes to this Privacy Policy page. To be up to date with the policies make sure to check in from time to time.